donderdag, maart 30, 2006

Visits versus Unieke bezoekers

Wat gaan we meten? Unieke bezoekers of Visits. Unieke bezoekers worden al lang gezien als de meest belangrijke variabele binnen de Web Analytics. In het volgende artikel legt Matt Belkin (Omniture) uit waarom hij in tegenstelling tot veel anderen kiest voor het rapporteren van Visits i.p.v. Unieke bezoekers.

Zijn argumentatie voor het meten van visits:
1) Visits are more accurate than Unique Visitors.
2) Every Visit represents an opportunity to persuade or convert a visitor to a customer.
3) Measuring visits is based on fairly established industry standards

Lees het artikel: Unique Visitors or Visits - which metric should you use? (Aanrader!)
Bron: Matt Belkin's Inside Web Analytics Weblog


At 7:25 p.m., Anonymous AurĂ©lie Pols said...

I just reviewed Matt Belkin's blog post and yours and actually don't agree.

The thing is, yes unique visitors are to be taken with a lot of precaution but fact remains that visits only won't do the job!

I for example just got out of a training for a company that I did with my colleague Siegert. We were discussing with the client conversion events.
They typically have clients that visit, take a look around and then need approval for the to be acquired service. We are talkng here about B2B.
This means that calculating conversion events of the basis of visits makes absolutely no sense!
They need to measure deferred conversion, what my WA tool can do i.e. correctly calculate unique visitors or at least in the best way possible.

Now, we all know about the issue of cookies being deleted and the fact that the only real accurate way to measure people is to have a login/password but saying that as unique visitors are not accurate then the only left is visits, is statistically suicidal, I'm sorry.

Didn't it occur to you that maybe this is something Omniture typically has a problem with? If Matt says that calculating daily, weekly, monthly uniques is a problem then maybe their visitor history is not really up and running...

Ah yes, by the way, I'm a huge WebTrends fan and with version 8 even more so. Thanks gyus for not only adding the notion of visitor history in version 7 but also adding a BI tool and a datawarehouse for the 8 ;-)

Hope it helps, cheers,

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