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PPC Management

After successfully installing web analytics and collecting a data sample, do you know what reports you should focus on? Jamie Smith, CEO Engine Ready will clear the confusion on what to look for and how to interpret what you find. He will explain about ROI and ROAS and discuss how to track conversions.

Learn how using web analytics to improve online marketing campaigns can help increase profitability. The key to successful search engine marketing is creative, continuity, conversion and optimization.

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1. Getting Started with Web Analytic Reports
After successfully installing web analytics and collecting a data sample, what reports should I focus on? 90% of the time you spend reading reports will be on the same 4-5 reports. (Visitors, Conversion rate, campaign summary, demographics).

2. Cost per Acquisition
The Driving Metric for Search Engine MarketingHow to use web analytics to calculate conversion rates, CPA (cost per acquisition) and ROAS (return on advertising spend). If possible always use ROAS to measure results. A brief description of which report in Conversion Analyst which gives you real time CPA and ROAS metrics.

3. Search Engine Marketing & Web analytics
Using web analytics to improve online marketing campaigns. The key to successful search engine marketing is creative, continuity, conversion and optimization.



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