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Web measurement data definitions

++ Hits ++
(A hit is) an action on a web site such as when a user views a page or downloads a file - including executable files, PDFs, sound files, JPEG, PNG, and GIF mages.

++ Page Views ++
Page [views] are defined as measurement of responses from a web server to a page request from the user browser, which is filtered to remove robotic activity and error codes prior to reporting, and is recorded at a point as close as possible to opportunity to see the page by the user.

++ Visit (user sessions) ++
A visit is counted when a unique visitor creates activity on a web site, measured using sequential page views (clickstream), regardless of the duration of this activity as long as the period of inactivity between page views does not extend beyond 30 minutes.

++ Unique Visitors ++
A unique visitor is counted when a human being uses a web browser to visit a web site, regardless of the number of pages visited or the duration of the visit. A visitor can be unique for different periods of time, and the individuality of a visitor is preferably defined by a truly unique user identifier shared between browsers. A unique visitor for any arbitrary timeframe should be counted one time and one time only on his first visit between the start and the end dates. Note: if no unique user identifier is shared between browsers (at least direct or indirect login & password based) then the notion of human being using a web browser has to be put in question and possibly be replaced by only the notions of browser and machine.

++ Referrers ++
A referrer to any web site should be a unqiue and complete URL, describing the exact page on the web site that contained the link to the web site. If the URL is not complete and thus not unique, danger exists of over-counting and specific information is lost. This is mostly important for dynamique URLs and email tracking functionalities. Web Analytics/Business Intelligence related definitions.

++ KPI (Key Preformance Indicator) ++
Key Performance Indicators (KPI), also known as Key Success Indicators (KSI) are financial or non-financial metrics used to reflect the critical success factors of an organization. These are used in Business Intelligence to assess the present state of business and to prescribe the course of action. The KPIs differ depending on the nature of the organization. They help an organization to measure progress towards their organizational goals.

++ Balanced Scorecard ++
In 1992, Robert S. Kaplan and David Norton introduced the balanced scorecard (BSC), a method for measuring a company's activities in terms of its vision and strategies. It gives managers a comprehensive view of the performance of a business. It is a strategic management system that forces managers to focus on the important performance metrics that drive success. It balances a financial perspective with customer, internal process, and learning & growth perspectives. The system consists of four processes:
  1. Translating the vision into operational goals;
  2. Communicate the vision and link it to individual performance;
  3. Business planning;
  4. Feedback and learning and adjusting the strategy accordingly.



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